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Case Study Disaster Preparedness

District Chitral is situated in the extreme northern west of KP, is spread over an area of 14,850 sq. km. Chitral is agrarian based society and the people live on subsistence farming with small land holding which hardly suffices their needs of growing crops and fruits. Approximately half of the cultivable land falls in the single cropping zone. The average per capita income estimated in 1998 was PKR 9,543 per annum or US $ 0.25 per day per person. Around 60% population is feared to be living below the poverty line.
Chitral and particularly upland valleys are highly prone to natural disasters including flash floods, GLOF, land sliding and other natural calamities.  As a result, both public and the government suffered major damage and loss to its roads, bridges, communication, channels, building stock. Most schools, health facilities, road, micro-hydel power units were severely damaged during last one decade and the damages estimated to be over 5 billion PKR. In addition to critical infrastructure restoration cost, another 5 billion have been spend on relief distribution, compensation to lives lost, building damaged etc. The cumulative damages of 2005-2016 is estimated to be over 10 billion PKR, i.e. one billion per annum is serious concerned for the people with chronic poverty.
Biyar Local Support Organization as representative organization of community is working in the area with the assistance of different organization for the last 10 years for the socio economic development of the area. Recently BLSO has completed a project with the financial support of USAID Small Grant and Ambassador Fund Program on Enhancing Disaster Preparedness Capacity of Local Community in District Chitral. The main objective of the project was to prepare the community for batter response to different kind of disaster. Beside other project activities Biyar Local Support Organization (BLSO) conducted five days training of trainer (TOT) on disaster preparedness for the project staff in Booni with the technical support of Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) chitral and developed master trainers. The project staff after got TOT sensitize community to make an organization as Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) in four project intervention villages (Sonoghour, Parwak, Awi and Reshun)  and successfully delivered the BLSO project (Enhancing Disaster Preparedness Capacity of Local Community in District Chitral.) planned training on disaster preparedness  with the coordination of consultant to the community and capacitate 100 community (CERT) members (50% men and 50% women).They also conducted mock drills at community level, simulation activities and awaress session on disaster risk reduction at school level as a result of this the school emergency  response team and school safety plan  has been formed. The representatives of CERT are working to promote disaster risk reduction (DRR) at community level.